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Brand Strategy:
A strategic process that involves defining the brand and building the foundation for a consistent and potentially effective brand. The process involves a critical analysis of a business’ market objectives, brand position and presentation within the marketplace.

Our brand strategy expertise is exemplified through our Red Dirt Communications project. Brand strategy guidelines were established and executed throughout all client mediums.

Marketing Strategy:
The development of company-wide marketing plan derived from an organization’s marketing goals. The marketing strategy will define measurable strategy goals for each marketing channel, designing one cohesive company marketing plan. From the strategy goal, each marketing channel will define tactical steps toward their goal.

Public Relations (PR):
PR is the management of an organization's communications, generally encouraging positive associations between organizations and its public. Public Relations strategy reinforces corporate strategy and positioning.

Customer Relationships Management (CRM) Strategy:
CRM is a business strategy that defines and manages the most valuable customer relationships. CRM requires a customer-centric business philosophy at the core of organizations’ divisions: marketing, sales and service. CRM strategies support goals of maximizing profitability, revenue and customer satisfaction.

A tactical example of a strategic CRM project is through the timetospa loyalty campaign.

Identity is the fusion of a brand and design. It’s the corporate personality coming to life through the creation of a logo and the guidelines of the identity. The logo is one of the most powerful extensions of an organizations brand strategy.

Our understanding of brand identity, positioning and development can be viewed through our Canterbury Group identity package.

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Doing pretty much every PR job from the mundane to product PR to strategy formulation, you've done a great job with increasing our awareness among press, analysts and consumers.
Christopher Allen

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fresh echo INTERACTIVE is a strategic interactive firm offering expertise in web development and management solutions, marketing and design, identity and positioning.

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