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fresh echo INTERACTIVE is a business built on experience. We began our journey in the corporate world, having extraordinary adventures as the "dot-com" space exploded. We serviced huge clients on the Web, incorporating their massive brands into this evolving medium. But we knew we could do better, and that our clients deserved better -- so we set off on our own.

We gathered the best of the best and opened our doors way back in 2001; there IS history (quite a bit of it). The company began as a Web design and development firm and ran under the business name of Mr. Nett, Inc. We had substantial growth as a Web studio and developed an extensive client base. As the company has grown, so has our skill set. Today, we are a more well-rounded firm offering not only Web and technological solutions, but also marketing services; strategic, interactive and cross-channel. And in becoming this more well-rounded agency, we've emerged with a new, fresh identity -- fresh echo INTERACTIVE.

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We chose fresh echo because of their reputation for high quality, fair value, and top customer service. High as my expectations were, fresh echo exceeded them in both the end result and in the process of getting there.
Steven Bracker

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fresh echo INTERACTIVE is a strategic interactive firm offering expertise in web development and management solutions, marketing and design, identity and positioning.

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