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How do we do it?

We recognize that we live in the real world. And in the real world, although creative awards are nice, it doesn't always get the job done. So we design and develop for our client's bottom line. We truly believe the best way to win a client's trust is to create exceptional marketing strategies, designs and Web applications that will not only capture their intended targets' attention...but also deliver results.

It comes down to these basic steps:

  1. We listen.
  2. We inspire.
  3. We create.
  4. We deliver...again, and again.
There's a learning curve to every client. We need to get to know our partners: their brand, their communication style, their target market. It's a collaborative discovery process that takes patience, experience and communication. We are a cohesive team working together to reach a successful goal.

Once we've listened and have gotten to know and understand a client, we begin to integrate our expertise and style with their brand. It's an exploratory process, and an inspiring one. We present concepts. We communicate with substance. We stir emotion.

Finally, we create. We develop. We dig in. What that really means, of course, depends on the project, but it's about pulling together our best ideas from the previous step and creating the final product, whether it be a Web site, a logo, an application or a marketing campaign -- we get it done, right. And if not on the first try, we'll keep going until we DO get it right.

And most importantly, we deliver results. Our designs, our marketing strategies, and our Web applications stimulate our clients' brands, and increase their revenue. Our clients like what they see and they work with us again and again. Don't take our word for it -- talk to our clients and see for yourself.

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The staff at fresh echo always accommodates our ever-changing needs at ROTH – creating great collateral on tight deadlines isn’t a problem for them at all.
Isabel Mattson-Pain
ROTH Capital Partners

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fresh echo INTERACTIVE is a strategic interactive firm offering expertise in web development and management solutions, marketing and design, identity and positioning.

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