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Search Engine Marketing and Optimization:
A marketing strategy for building and positioning a company Web site, as qualified by each company’s key metrics and user’s key word searches. The process results in an increase in volume and quality of traffic to a Web site from search engines through organic search results. fresh echo employs true experts in the "art" of SEO and SEM.

E-mail Marketing & Management:
E-mail marketing is an interactive marketing channel used to reach and communicate a message to an audience. E-mail marketing is often used to attain new consumers, enhance relationships with current or past customers, encouraging new repeat business.

Our in-depth knowledge of this marketing tool presentation and execution can be viewed thru our timetospa email campaign execution.

Online Advertising:
A channel of advertising that utilizes the Internet as the vehicle to deliver marketing messages to potential, current and past clients.

Examples of online advertising include e-mail marketing, banner ads, dynamic ads, social media ads.

Sales and marketing tools created to support the sales of products or services. These tools are designed to aide the company and its teams in the sales process.

Examples of collateral pieces include: Media kits, sales presentations, sales brochures, product informational sheets, Web content. An execution of a client sales brochure can be viewed here: Hatchett Hospitality collateral.

Print Marketing:
An advertising medium used to communicate product or service information & offer to potential, present or past consumers. Print marketing may also be used as a channel of brand reinforcement and brand loyalty.

Examples of print marketing may include: magazine advertisements, brochures, flyers, package inserts, billboards, transit advertisements. Our extensive print marketing background can be viewed thru the: Hatchett Hospitality magazine campaign.

The act of writing text used to promote a business or an idea.

Copywriting may include: press releases, Web site copy, advertisement copy, taglines and other advertising media.

Based from strategic initiatives, loyalty marketing is a marketing method in which a company focuses on developing and retaining their existing customers through incentives.

Our strategic understanding of loyalty-based programs is exemplified through the timetospa customer loyalty campaign.

Brand Illustrations:
Brand illustrations are artistic visualizations of a brand, and can be explored through drawing, painting or photography. The illustrations provide a visual representation of brand views: brand recognition in the marketplace, the personality of the brand, the brand message, brand positioning.

Program Evaluation & Tracking:
An analytical process designed to provide continuous market research for companies’ brand performance. The tracking systems measure the relative performance of ads, as qualified by company.

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We are a UK-based company, so the time difference between London and San Diego could have proved tricky, but fresh echo get around the issue by always adopting a hard working, flexible attitude to meet our needs on time...our vision is fresh echo's vision.
Joanna Kite

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fresh echo INTERACTIVE is a strategic interactive firm offering expertise in web development and management solutions, marketing and design, identity and positioning.

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